A legendary South African bush pilot. American Pilots seeking adventure.

CC Pockock’s Bush Air

Everything he learned the hard way, they will learn his way.

A gritty new docuseries from Africa’s Crocodile River Mountains follows bush-flying renegade CC Pocock and the rookie pilots he trains to battle wildfires, poachers and carjackers plaguing his wild frontier community. For new recruits, it’s a chance to earn work by training on-the-job in the world’s most dangerous airspace. For CC, who learned to fly by crashing, it’s just another day in the bush whipping greenhorn pilots into heroes.

Follow flight trainees from around the world to CC’s remote airfield where they’ll live, work and fly with fireplane crews, pursuit pilots and anti-poaching squads in hopes of earning a real bush-flying job. Not everyone will make it. Competing for each coveted position, they’ll face heart-stopping mechanical failures, ugly rivalries, spitting cobras in the house and CC’s own venomous moods sparked by aviation authorities or his feisty girlfriend Miranda. Those who receive CC’s endorsement will secure flying jobs somewhere on the continent. For one lucky pilot, it means the position of a lifetime helping CC run his entire operation at Barberton Airfield.

Strap yourself in with the man they call “Captain Crash” and his newest batch of freshman pilots for some outrageous chases, fiery flights and fierce competition for Africa’s dream flying jobs.

Welcome to Bush Air . . . Earn your wings or die trying.

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