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Global Aviator October issue 2010

by Mike de Villiers

Bush and mountain flying is not something for the uninformed or
faint-hearted to attempt, particularly in Africa where a pilot may encounter
terrain from bush, mountains, and desert to anything inbetween.

There are a few other separate books on bush or mountain flying available
but as these tend to focus particular on the far northern reaches of America
including Alaska, the information is rather irrelevant to the African Bush
Pilot. This book focuses mainly on the highly advanced techniques and skills
required to operate safely in remote and extreme conditions, especially in
Africa and as such is perfect for those venturing into this specialist form
of aviation.

"A bush pilot should have a thorough knowledge of the hazards of bush and
mountain flying, have a higher than normal level of skill and judgment and
be fully competent and proficient in the advanced techniques required to
safely fly in these areas," says CC Pocock and he has endeavered to provide
much of this knowledge in 'Bush & Mountain Flying'.

Common sense and basic aviation knowledge can be applied in certain
instances but bush pilots need more - they need to deal with engine,
electrical and avionic promblems and this book supplies the know-how.
Pocock's handbook has been endorced by a number of highly regarded pilots
such as Barry , Schiff (USA), British display pilot and world aviation
record holder Brendan O'Brian, and well known South African display pilots,
examiners and instructors, Scully Levin and Jim Davis.  as well as those who
are interested in bush flying.

An American pilot had this to say: "From a new pilots perspective, I
discovered that there is a lot more to mountain flying than one would
expect. As with his treatment of density altitude, I found this topic of
mountain flying to be delightfully detailed. I found his coverage of the
topics of mountain waves, down-drafts and updrafts, canyon flying, mountain
breeze and valley breeze (think sea breeze and land breeze) as well as
anabatic breeze (upward airdrafts on the side of a mountain exposed to the
sun) was all interesting and useful information. Information and
precautionary information about scud running (running under cloud cover),
and emergency turns in clouds, and different types of 180 degree emergency
turns was simply indispensable"

An invaluable book for those new to bush and mountain flying and one to keep
with your logbook.

The book is available from Comet Aviation Supplies and Aircraft Spruce &