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Courses and seminars dates and notices: (Last updated on July 30th 2017).
Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Courses, Tailwheel Courses, and FAA Flight Reviews are available at the new Bush Air home base at Kidwell airport, Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada, USA.
South Africa: Dates for Advanced Flying Courses and FAA Flight Reviews in Barberton, South Africa are being scheduled for later this year. All pilots must supply their own aircraft. Courses are also available at any other suitable location.

Milne "CC" Pocock is originally from South Africa, a Commercial Pilot, FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and a highly experienced and professional bush, stunt & test pilot with thousands of hours of bush and mountain flying and "off airport" operations. He is one of the most knowlegable and experienced bush and mountain flying instructors in the world and the author of the "Bush & Mountain Flying" handbook, a unique book on the subject. He has trained over 550 pilots during the last 15 years from all over the world with various experience levels, private to ATP, civilian and military. All pilots, including flight instructors can benefit greatly from attending this course.

Courses are FAA Safety Team accredited. In addition, an FAA 61.56 Flight Reveiw (BFR) can be included at no extra cost.

There are others that claim to offer similar "advanced" or "intense" "bush pilot training courses", however, there is really only one truly genuine Advanced Bush / Backcountry Flying Course on the planet! This is it! The sole objective of this course is to greatly improve overall pilot proficiency, safety, confidence and skill and therefore reducing the risk of accidents, particularly short field, low level, density altitude and mountain flying accidents.

From the start, emphasis is placed on correcting common pilot weaknesses such as bad takeoff, approach and landing techniques. You will discover areas within the airplane's performance envelope you never thought possible through a proper intensive familiarization and test flight. Learn how to consistently "grease" all landings and how to obtain maximum performance from your aircraft .

Even if you never intend to fly in the remote bush or mountains, the techniques and procedures you will learn during this course is guaranteed to make you a much more proficient, confident, safer and skilled pilot in general every day flying. The course is held over four days and includes approximately 5 hours of flying. This is more than sufficient time for you to successfully and safely learn all the basic techniques and procedures to improve your flying ability.

You can attend the course with virtually any type of aircraft, from light sport to multiengine turbine. If you own your own aircraft, it is recommended that you attend the course with it as you want to become proficient with the aircraft you most frequently fly. Pilots who own high performance aircraft and in particular high performance tail draggers can greatly benefit from this course. If you do not own your aircraft or have access to an aircraft you can do the course in a Bush Air C172 or C170-B.

NOTE: If you choose to attend a course using the Bush Air C170, you should preferably at least already have a basic tailwheel endorsement or suitable experience. However, you can also get a tailwheel endorsement as part of the course but it could take around 10 hours before you are proficient enough to get signed off. Therefore a special "combination" course is available and you will need to arrive 3 days prior to the Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Course to get some basic tailwheel training first. You may also provide your own aircraft. All flight and ground instruction is personally conducted by "CC" Milne Pocock.

Courses are available at Kidwell Airport, Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada, USA and at Barberton Airport, South Africa (only during certain times of the year). Courses are also available at other locations by special arrangement. Pilots attending courses in South Africa must supply their own aircraft.



1. Advanced Bush / Backcountry & Mountain Flying Safety Course

2. Advanced General Flying Safety and Proficiency Course

3. Tail wheel training and endorsement. (If you complete one of the above courses using the Bush Air C170 (USA only) or your own taildragger airplane, an FAA 61.31(i) Tail Wheel Endorsement will be included).

4. FAA Flight Review ( Can be included in any of the above courses for free).


The Advanced Bush & Mountain (Backcountry) Flying Course

This is a fully comprehensive course which includes the following: Ground school segments, familiarization and test flight, slow flight, stalls and spin recovery, optimum performance, short field, soft & rough field, off-airfield and obstacle clearance take offs and landings, flying without instruments, emergency and precautionary procedures, density altitude (hot and high) operations, low level & survey flying, mountain flying, as well as focussing on correcting any weaknesses and bad techniques.

An optional part to the course includes: Night flying, Technical - the aircraft engine - oil and filter replacement, air filter maintenance, tire & oleo repair, wire locking, refueling, airframe repairs, propeller repairs, basic engine, electrical and avionics fault diagnostics and repairs, tools and survival equipment.

Once you've mastered the basics, you will be introduced to some very real scenarios when we actually go fly into some very challenging backcountry strips. By the time you have completed the course you will be able to safely and confidently land and take off from short challenging strips in virtually any general aviation light aircraft.

A certificate is issued after completion of the course.

Advanced General Flying Proficiency Course

This is similar to the Bush & Mountain Flying Course however, this course, is for pilots that are based at and fly only over flatlands or coastal areas and have no intention of ever flying in the mountains or back country. It is customised to the individual needs of the pilot. For example, if you have a specific problem that you need help with such as landings, this will be one of the main focuses of this course. No matter what problem or weakness you may have with your flying, this course will sort it out! CC Pocock specializes in fixing any flying problem you may have. Especially landings.

"CC" Milne Pocock with his Cessna 172-C and Cessna 170-B training aircraft.
Bush & Mountain Flying -3rd edition - 2017
The Bush & Mountain Flying book is the official course handbook.
CC Pocock and Bush Air in the Discovery Channel TV show - "Deadliest Job Interview".
CC Milne Pocock and Bush Air on Discovery Channel
PLEASE NOTE! This is no gimmick! Courses are genuine FAA accredited advanced flight training aimed at improving flying safety conducted in a real environment with real life scenarios. Flight Reviews for holders of FAA pilot certificates are included.
Below are photo's of a few of the many hundreds of pilots and planes that have attended CC Pocock's Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Safety Training and Taildragger Training..
Larry Buster, Colorado, USA
Dru Dunwoody, Minnesota, USA
Dave Sheldon, Prescott, Arizona, USA
Kat Tiefenthal, Channel Islands, UK
Shane Hedges, Maun, Botswana
Adam Hedges, Maun, Botswana
Kyle Porter, Montogmery, Alabama, USA
Warwick Mostert, Johannesburg, South Africa
Mike Kennedy (Airplane Repo), Florida, USA
Luigi Raimondo, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Dawie Erasmus, Marble Hall, South Africa
Arnaud Derbise, Grasse, France
Gregory Gerhardt, Cape Town South Africa
Amanda Maheu, Utah, USA
Willem Kruger, Marble Hall, South Africa
Roger Jaworski, Arizona USA
Chuck Denison, Colorado, USA
Jaco Schoen, Pretoria, South Africa
Jean-Charles Linsi, Grandvaux, Switzerland
Mark Glasspool, Johannesburg, South Africa
Wayne Lorgus, Tempe, Arizona, USA
Mike Barber, Arizona, USA
Fiona Horne, USA
Marty Smith, California, USA
Evald Jooste, Melbourne, Australia
Larry Cranton, Arizona USA
Rok Weber, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lenza de Jager, Pretoria, South Africa
Robin McGrew, San Diego, California, USA
Colin Wilson, Johannesburg, South Africa
Steve Eddie, Arizona, USA
Sebastian Reis and Isabella Schmid, Germany
Guy Leitch & Graem Wuth - SA Flyer magazine, South Africa
Brian Stocks, Johannesburg, South Africa
Roque Hafner, Johannesburg and Reon Wiese, Pretoria, South Africa
Steve Eddie, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Kateri Drexler, Colorado, USA
Tim and Richard Fair, Maputo, Mozambique
Kobus Stander, South Africa
Patrick Matibe, Limpopo, South Africa
Steve Johnson, George Allen, Anthony DeLuca, Southbridge Massachusetts, USA
Pieter Nel, NY USA. Daryl Dawkins, Daniel Bollinger, MA USA.
Wilfred Arrindell, Sweden
Ralph Boetiger & Andre du Plessis, South Africa
Roland Berez, Hungary
David Price, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.
Paul Grobler, South Africa
Jacques Venter, South Africa
Franse de Wet, South Africa
Mark Bunning, South Africa
Karin Cadzin, CT, USA
Wayne van Rooyen, South Africa
Gavin Neil, Matola, Mozambique
Petru Malan, South Africa
Daryl Bolinger, Anthony DeLuca, Daryl Dawkins, MA, USA
Hein Barnard, SA. Jaco Groenewald, SA. Eric Piffer, Austria

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