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Rates (As from January 1st 2019)
All flight and ground instruction personally conducted by "CC" Milne Pocock. (FAA CFI).
Kidwell Airport (1L4), Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada, USA.
(Training is also available at virtually any other location in the US and worldwide by special arrangement).
Advanced Bush & Mountain / Backcountry Flying Course:
Your own aircraft $1000.00
Cessna 172C $1800.00
Cessna 170B $1800.00 (NOTE: Assuming you already have tailwheel experience otherwise you may need additional flight time.)
Tailwheel Training:
Your own aircraft $100/hr flight instruction.
Cessna 170B $250.00 / hr dual only.
Ground school $75/hr
Advanced flight instruction (Your own aircraft) - $100/hr
Ground instruction $75
Cessna 172C Dual $250/hr
Cessna 170B Dual $250/hr
FAA Flight Reviews (BFR) $60/hr ground instruction (Min 1hr) + $80/hr flight instruction (Min 1hr).
Lodging: All pilots attending training at Bush Air stay on site.
$120 per person per day / $170 per 2 people sharing. (Includes all food, drinks, laundry and facilities.)
South Africa.
Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Courses and FAA flight reviews are available at Barberton Airport, MP at various times during the year. Please send an email for more info.
NOTE. All pilots attending courses in South Africa (and elsewhere in the world) must supply their own aircraft.

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